Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

⌂ c♂mpÜter MaJic TricKs !! New Keys & symb☼∟s un∟☺cked !

wanna try some c☻☻∟ symb☼∟s & keys ????
╬ here's the way ! ♂ make y◙ur ╤extings c☻☻∟.
N◙te: type the numbers from numpad ☻nl∟ {p∟aced in right side of keyboard}

symb☼∟s                                   c☻de
_______                                   ____
☺                                         alt+1
♂                                         alt+11
•                                         alt+111111
╟                                         alt+11111111
☻                                         alt+2
▬                                         alt+22
▐                                         alt+222
«                                         alt+2222
╬                                         alt+22222
♫                                         alt+222222
Ä                                         alt+2222222
♥                                         alt+3 or alt+55555
♣                                         alt+3333 or alt+5
§                                         alt+333333
╒                                         alt+3333333
♦                                         alt+4
╝                                         alt+444
£                                         alt+44444
∟                                         alt+444444
│                                         alt+5555
c                                         alt+5555555
π                                         alt+55555555
♠                                         alt+6
Ü                                         alt+666
◙                                         alt+6666
*                                         alt+666666
¬                                         alt+6666666
•                                         alt+7
○                                         alt+777
╤                                         alt+77777
±                                         alt+7777777
◘                                         alt+8
╕                                         alt+8888
τ                                         alt+999
☼                                         alt+9999
ƒ                                         alt+99999
⌂                                         alt+9999999

Simple way to hide a folder without any software or additional skills !!!!

yes u can hide ur folder without any software !!!
here is the steps:
1- right click the folder
2- click 'rename'
3- then type alt+255{type 255 in numpad placed in the right side only}
4- then enter
5- now right click on the folder again
6- then click 'properties'
7- in it click on 'costomize'
8- click 'change icon'
9-now select a blank icon from the box appeared and click 'ok'
10- click 'apply' then 'ok'
now itz all done ! ur folder is hided safely now , this folder cannot be viewed even when hiden file search is done !!
u can find the folder by clicking on the place u created the folder or just drag over the page and find ur folder . .

Put A file/folder Name as Blank !!

Did u ever tried to rename a file/folder to blank ??? if u triyed surely you came to know that u cannot make a file/folder without giving a letter , even a dot is needed . .
but now iam telling u a simple trick to put any file/folder name as blank !
just check this out .
click rename in file/folder
then click alt+255{type 255 in numpad placed in the right side only}
then click enter <<< thatz it !!! ur file/folder remains without any name !!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

airtel free browsing via pc

connect ur mobile to pc via defaultt setting & put the below link as ur  home page

bal must be less than 30p

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